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MGSA is an active supporter of flight training and stands ready to assist new members in achieving their glider rating. We have an experienced staff of club instructors and two excellent two-seat ASK-21 training sailplanes available for use by club members at Monroe Airport most weekends.

Our training program accepts:

  • Licensed power pilots seeking a glider add-on rating.

  • Lapsed glider pilots wanting to get current.

For training frequently asked questions, click here.

Currently, we do not accept "ab-initio" students, or students who aren't already rated in some type of aircraft. While we strive to be as welcoming as possible, our club unfortunately isn't the right environment to train pilots from scratch. Our volunteer instructors don't have the bandwidth to spend tens of hours of intensive training time with new students. However, we would still love to meet anyone interested in gliding at the field and arrange a flight to get you in the air for a discovery ride!

For more information, please contact our membership coordinator at or 770-815-6031

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