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Category: Start / Virtual Soaring

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Condor: The Competition Soaring Simulator  Popular

Condor: The Competition Soaring Simulator is designed to recreate the ultimate experience of competition soaring on your PC. A lot of attention was put in to create an environment which would create an immersion of real competition flying. This means that the aerodynamics and weather physics were in focus of the development. The result is amazingly real feel of flight in all flight regimes and weather conditions which challenges a real soaring pilot on a competition day.
Added on: 01-Feb-2006 | hits: 1696
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Cross Country Soaring Sim  Popular

Would you like to try a neat cross country soaring sim? This program, written by Dan Burton from the UK, allows the user to play against other computer gliders to reach the furthest distance using both thermals & ridge lift. This light weight application loads in your web browser, just click the link to load the game in a new window. Good luck!
Added on: 13-Feb-2006 | hits: 1405
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Soaring Flight Simulator (SFS)  Popular

The Soaring Flight Simulator "Made in Germany" Version 4
Added on: 01-Feb-2006 | hits: 1448
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SOTS - Sailors of the Sky (fly Minden)  Popular

SOTS - Sailors of the Sky (fly Minden)
Added on: 26-Feb-2006 | hits: 1256
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Virtual Soaring Society  Popular

Virtual Soaring Society - MS Flight Sim
Added on: 01-Feb-2006 | hits: 1339
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Virtual Soaring with Microsoft Flight Simulator - ASW28  Popular

Virtual Soaring with Microsoft Flight Simulator - ASW28
Added on: 01-Feb-2006 | hits: 1151
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