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      Welcome to
Mid-Georgia Soaring Association

Mid-Georgia Soaring Association (MGSA) is one of the oldest and largest soaring clubs in the southeastern
United States. We have approximately 60 members with varying degrees of experience from numerous hours of cross country experience to students in primary training. We are located about 35 miles east of Atlanta in Monroe GA. We fly most weekends at Monroe-Walton County Airport (D73), weather permitting.
Returning glider pilots and power transition pilots are encouraged to come visit and see our operations first hand. We are confident you will be impressed with (MGSA) operations.
Discovery flight are available for individuals who would like to experience the joy of soaring flight. All flights are with FAA certified commercial pilots. Hit the 'Discovery Rides' link on the left to get more information.
Flight instruction is also available to club members by FAA Certified Flight Instructors (CFIG).

For those interested in soaring with no previous flying experience (ab initio new pilots) or those seeking a more accelerated training opportunity through weekday flying, we offer a club partnership with Pandora Aviation (MGSA members Phillip and Lynda LaBerge) on the south side of Atlanta. Please see the 'Training Options' link on the left for more information.


Club Aircraft:                   


265 HP Piper Pawnee - tow plane


2  AS-K 21s - composite high performance two seat sailplane


Grob 102 - composite single seat sailplane                     


Discus CS high performance single seat sailplane

Random Quote

Don't drop the aircraft in order to fly the microphone.




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